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Consulting Services

Roderick Q. Hickman & Associates specializes in providing world-class services to the public, private and social sectors.

Our professionals work with Fortune 100 companies, large top-tier consulting firms, departments in the federal and state governments, and the most successful and effective community benefits organizations. This combination of experience and the best in the business consultant methodologies, as well as hands on approach, provides our clients with measurable results not fancy reports.

Roderick Q. Hickman & Associates provide the following services:

Leadership Development And Organizational Strategy:

Roderick Q. Hickman & Associates is committed to providing our public, private and social sector clients with leadership, management, and organizational development training and consulting services, built on the foundation of ethical leadership and personal responsibility. We believe and teach that “Leadership is a Lifestyle.”

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Public Sector Consulting:

Business Process Improvement

From prisoner health care operations to school performance and inventory management, Roderick Q. Hickman & Associates creates effective strategies — and supporting processes — which are aligned with organizational goals, and supported by measurable objectives.

Implementation of our strategies and processes will free up personnel and fiscal resources, allowing them to be reallocated to meet other organizational needs.

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Private Sector Consulting

Business Development

Roderick Q. Hickman & Associates and our partners have deep knowledge of the business processes used in government procurement, particularly in the state of California. Based on our long-term relationships with state executives and political leaders, we are able to stay updated on the needs of government, and best match them with our clients. Our approach is built on four core lines of services as follows:

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Social Sector and Community Benefits Organizations Consulting:

Fund Seeking

Roderick Q. Hickman & Associates and our partners believe that most businesses, individuals and organizations providing services to communities or individuals in need, are eligible to receive funding from government and/or private funding sources. We specialize in locating funding opportunities, assessing available networks and helping our clients in navigating and completing a sometimes lengthy and detailed application process.

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Roderick Q. Hickman & Associates

I enjoyed hearing about your experiences while working in the California correctional system but I especially enjoyed hearing from you about your leadership techniques. I intend to take your advice and seek out mentors and outside resources. Thank you for your time and sharing your experiences with the class!

Catherine T. Fernandez
Deputy Director
Legislative Finance Committee
State of New Mexico